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Welcome to the universe of SWISS WINE SELECTION

SWISS WINE SELECTION SA is a pioneering company founded in June 2011, specialising in quality Swiss wines and Swiss local products. The team at SWISS WINE SELECTION are Hervé Badan, Founder and Managing Director, Anne-Lise Soussan, Project Manager and Delphine Béroud-Comte, Sales Manager. Find out more about them.


Hervé Badan, director

Hervé Badan had always had a huge enthusiasm for Swiss wine and local products, and he created SWISS WINE SELECTION to offer selected wines, personalised business gifts related to Swiss wines and local products, as well as exceptionally good company events.

Hervé is an energetic person who likes to keep things local: That is why he has scoured Switzerland to find artisans and partners for SWISS WINE SELECTION, with the aim of unearthing the very best that our wonderful country has to offer. With a strong knowledge base and an ability to get on well with people, he now enjoys strong relationships with those artisans, making it possible to offer products of exceptional quality which are packaged in Swiss sheltered workshops for you. The social aspect is always at the centre for Hervé and our team, along with a commitment to providing a personalised service for you.

With a diploma from EHL Hospitality Business & Hotel Management School in Lausanne and a Federal Diploma in marketing studies, Hervé is both creative and responsive. With an in-depth knowledge of wine and winemaking, he has served as a judge in a number of national and international wine competitions. Hervé brings together his interests in local products and marketing by teaching a course in marketing at CHANGINS, a national knowledge centre for training winegrowers and winemakers.

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Listen to Hervé at the microphone of Valérie Demont talk about the excellence of service, which is dear to his heart.



Anne-Lise Soussan, Project Manager

As someone who enjoys life and loves fine food and great wines, Anne-Lise Soussan seemed destined to join the team at SWISS WINE SELECTION. With a business school degree from Paris, her professional career has been both wide-ranging and interesting.

After ten years in logistics at the Richemont group, where she worked for the Cartier and Baume and Mercier brands, she worked for a further five years as a real estate broker. An energetic and enthusiastic person with a strong sense of curiosity, she has also been involved with two amazing entrepreneurial ventures. In 2004 she became a designer of bespoke announcements and created the company L’art et la matière. In 2017 she then founded Wonder Cocotte, an online store selling surprise gift boxes for women.

As a creative person with a structured approach, resulting in a blend of enthusiasm and conscientious work, she is now using her experience and expertise to develop and promote the activities of SWISS WINE SELECTION.

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SWISS WINE SELECTION Delphine Béroud-Comte

Delphine Béroud-Comte, Sales Manager

Delphine Béroud-Comte trained in marketing in the Grenoble region of France.

She mainly deals with requests that come in from companies in connection with their business gifts and events. If you are one of our business clients you will probably have spoken with this energetic, enthusiastic woman on the telephone.

These are her reasons for coming to work for SWISS WINE SELECTION :

I really like Hervé Badan, his way of working and also his products. Working with him gives me a great sense of confidence. I also like his way of empowering the local economy via the artisans and sheltered workshops. He is always professional and effective in his dealings with clients. I am also very fond of the local products and Swiss wines chosen by SWISS WINE SELECTION. 

Delphine is curious and enjoys life, so she likes discovering the original links with local products through her work at SWISS WINE SELECTION.

Delphine mentions some of the aspects she enjoys in her everyday work:

  • Coming up with an offer for you that meets your expectations, always with an element of surprise too
  • Building strong, long-term relationships with you

I enjoy a glass of good wine and a chat among friends. For me, opening a bottle is something spontaneous, a gesture that comes right from the heart.

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